Counseling from a Christian Perspective

Family Wholeness offers family therapy, couple’s counseling, and general counseling from a Christian perspective for those who are serious about their faith (or want to be).

What do you believe about God? What resources has God provided to you to deal with problems? For many, it’s very calming to know that God is available to you all the time. In therapy, we take faith out of the theoretical realm and bring it into real life to solve real problems.

In counseling for Christians, we:

  • Find meaning in pain
  • Let God transform suffering into something for His glory
  • Act as if His promises are real and are meant for us
  • Struggle towards God and towards healing
  • Allow God to bring healing from shame, anxiety, depression, addictions, and pain
Christian Faith with counseling and therapy are paths to healing

We believe in the power of God to heal. You don’t have to settle and just “cope” with your problems. They can get better, and faith-based Christian counseling is a tool that God can use to bring that healing.

As long as we ourselves are real, as long as we are truly ourselves, God can be present and can do something with us. But the moment we try to be what we are not, there is nothing left to say or have; we become a fictitious personality, an unreal presence, and this unreal presence cannot be approached by God.

Anthony bloom
beginning to pray

This won’t go on forever, whatever you’re dealing with. God is stronger than whatever you’re struggling with. Family Wholeness is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a conversation.