Counseling for Families

Do you feel like you’re underwater? Do you feel that your family needs counseling from a therapist? If you’re here, you’re probably worried about your kids and your relationship.

Kids may be getting into trouble at school, or have drama in their friend group. Your child may struggle with depression, eating disorders, or things they don’t want to talk about. If your kids have been experimenting with vaping, drugs, or pornography, you may feel helpless and worried. 

Within the family, your kids may be fighting with each other, or they may be defiant about chores or rules about screen time. Sibling rivalries, sleep problems, and ungratefulness can all cause problems within a family.

Your family might be struggling through a major change or tragedy, such as a death in the family, a cross-country move, serious illness, or an unusual situation. Family therapy can provide a safe environment to work through these difficult times.

Dealing with these kinds of problems can be hard for parents too. Sometimes it feels like everyone is drowning separately. In family therapy, we learn to swim and help each other together.

We can help you through family therapy

There is hope! It is possible to be joyful and happy as a family. It is possible to come home at the end of the day and look forward to spending time together. 

Family Wholeness can help. We won’t take sides, or decide who is right or wrong, or assign blame. Our goal is for your family to be happy, joyful, and comfortable together. We’re on Team Family. We can get there together, in a way that works for everyone.

An approach designed for your family

Family Intensive Counseling

Family Intensives are for families struggling with several tough issues at once. One or both parents meet once a week to figure out the root of the problems, strategize solutions, and make a plan. As we go along, we’ll check in on progress and make adjustments to the plan. Parents find these sessions encouraging and helpful for staying on track. The whole family also meets once a week to practice good communication, having fun together, and making solutions real.

Once new groundwork is laid after a few weeks or months, therapy is scaled back to once a week or once a month.

If you are in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, we strongly suggest doing the Whole Family sessions in-home.

Once a Week Family Counseling

Weekly therapy can be with one or both parents, or with the whole family. These sessions help when you want to strengthen the family bonds and improve your communication. It’s a good option when the family is struggling with one particular issue, or you’re worried the family is headed in a bad direction.

Any of these situations may include a mix of individual sessions and/or group sessions, based on the needs of the whole family, as well as each member.

This won’t go on forever. Family Wholeness is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a conversation.