Counseling and Therapy Services for Families and Couples

Family Counseling
Ensuring each member of the family is valued, healthy, and at their best.
Couple’s Counseling
Tailored to the unique challenges of intimate relationships.
Christian Counseling
Approaching the struggles of this life from a perspective of faith.
Helping fellow counselors improve their skills and become the best they can be.

Family Wholeness offers both in-home therapy and virtual therapy services, or a combination of both.

In-Home Therapy in Grand Rapids

In-home therapy services are available in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.

It has become an ideal option for families, because we come to you. You don’t have to get all the kids into the car, drive to and from an office, and disrupt your family time. It also helps us more quickly provide solutions, as the problems we work on in therapy are often more visible at home. Without having a “public face” on, we can relax and get to the heart of the matter faster.

With Private Pay, we’re not beholden to insurance companies, so we have the flexibility to meet wherever you choose: at home, your workplace, a park, a coffee shop, or another location where you’re comfortable.

Virtual Therapy & Counseling in Florida and Michigan

Virtual therapy is available throughout the beautiful states of Florida and Michigan.

Cost for Therapy Services

Fee-for-Service (Private Pay)

  • Initial 15-minute consultation: Free
  • Virtual therapy: $170 per 50-minute session
  • In-home therapy: Typically $250-$350 per session (depending on location)
  • Please inquire about sliding scale options if you have a financial need
  • A Good Faith Estimate is available


  • We are in network with Priority Health
  • Many PPO insurance plans have out-of-network benefits. Click here to check if your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits that cover our services.