We’re on Team Family.

Life is hard.

It’s okay. We’ll make it through.

Counseling for Families

Family life is wonderful and messy. We work together with everyone because every member of the family is essential and valuable. Everyone is part of the solution—yes, even the teens and the littles.

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Counseling for Couples

Don’t want a crappy marriage? We don’t want you to either. Our most important relationships often come with the biggest challenges. We walk with you through them. We’ve all got issues, and it’s okay. Each of us brings both issues and solutions to our relationships.

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We’ll work through the mess.

Faith-Based Christian Counseling

The relationship with God gives strength in facing life’s challenges. We will encourage and guide you on the path.

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Supervision for Counselors

Counseling is not just a career. We help our fellow counselors nurture their calling by giving real-world feedback.

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Your “crazy” is not irredeemable.

Your problems are not impossible to solve.