Supervision for Counselors & Therapists

Family Wholeness provides virtual peer supervision and consultation to experienced counselors and licensure supervision to LLPCs in the state of Michigan.

Supervision consists of teaching, coaching, mentoring, and just generally becoming a better counselor. As counselors we never “arrive,” but we strive to continue improving and becoming more comfortable. Every counselor needs supervision, even if you’re an expert and have been doing this for decades. For Limited License Counselors, supervision offers support and guidance as you encounter new situations and gain experience. 

What to expect in LLPC supervision

In each Supervision meeting we talk about what’s going well, what skills you’re working on, if you’re feeling stuck on anything or have a hard situation you’re not sure how to handle. You’ll routinely present cases and we’ll do a formal evaluation every six months.

(We know, no one likes to be evaluated, but let’s be real, if we never have an honest evaluation, we never know if we’re actually doing well.)

Evaluation is designed to show us how to grow and how we’ve already grown. 

Style, technique, and theoretical framework

We find it best to be able to laugh in supervision, be gentle with ourselves, and always work towards and maintain excellent clinical standards. Every client deserves a clinically excellent counselor who loves the craft of therapy.

We use the Developmental Model (Stoltenberg & Delworth) and the Discrimination Model (Bernard) in Supervision. You can read more details in the Professional Disclosure statement here.

Experience and expertise

Since 2010, we have had counseling experience with family therapy, group therapy, individual therapy (adults and adolescents), and crisis intervention in settings including traditional outpatient, intensive in-home therapy, Level I, II, and III/IOP, jail, residential, and telephone crisis line.

Our areas of expertise include family therapy, eating disorders, substance use disorders, process addictions, suicidal and self-harming behaviors, Borderline Personality Disorder, anxiety, and depression with adolescents, adults, and families.

Michigan LLC requirements

Family Wholeness is here to help with LLC and Therapy Peer Supervision. Contact us to see if we’re a good fit for you.