Counseling for Couples and Relationships

Relationships are hard sometimes. During those hard times, it can feel hopeless. You may be feeling that you need couples counseling or therapy. That is okay!

You and your spouse or significant other each have your individual struggles, but when one person is struggling, it affects the other person too. Trouble with addiction, money, or communication? We’ll look for the root causes and work from there.

Or you might be struggling through a major life change, serious illness, or grief. In couple’s therapy we work through these difficult times and use them to bring you together.

Relationships are hard but couples counseling can help

Maybe your relationship isn’t in chaos, but it’s heading in a bad direction. Strengthening your communication and bond through proactive work in couples therapy can prevent a more serious breakdown later.

It is possible to be joyful and happy. It is possible to come home at the end of the day and look forward to spending time together. 

We are here to help you heal your relationships in Couples Counseling

Family Wholeness can help find solutions in couples therapy. We won’t take sides, or decide who’s right or wrong, or assign blame. Our goal is for your relationship to be the best it can be. We can get there together, in a way that works for each of you.

Solutions to meet your unique needs

Couples counseling is about you and your needs. We’ll develop a plan that works for you. Here are some possibilities:

Couple’s Counseling Once a Week

Slow and steady wins the race. We’ll faithfully work on the relationship a little at a time.

Intensive Counseling

You don’t have to wait around for years, hoping that things will get better. We can start off with each person doing individual counseling, and then come back together for couple’s counseling. Once the relationship is on a good path, we scale it back and meet once a week or once a month.

Couples counseling and therapy are paths to healing relationships

Only You

Your Other Half won’t come to counseling? That’s okay. You can do your work, even if they’re not ready yet. We’re all part of the solution, and you can help start the healing in the relationship.

This won’t go on forever. Family Wholeness is here to help. Contact us to schedule a conversation.